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Kylie Minogue Tribute
The Kylie sound, the Kylie look, the Kylie atmosphere!
Kylie on Show is the only Kylie Minogue tribute that will leave you feeling like you've been to see the Goddess of pop herself!
Kylie on Show have been Kyliefying audiences and lovers all around the UK since 2016. This fun and exciting show recreates the classic Kylie sound and stage look. Kylie On Show is the best live vocal performing tribute recreating the Australian pop diva's charisma and sound to perfection.
Jade (Kylie) has worked meticulously to ensure audiences feel like the Goddess of Pop is really there herself. Already having such similarities sounding just like Kylie when she sings, the aussie twang comes naturally having lived in Australia herself and they even share the same birthday! Being a life long Kylie fan, Jade knows just how Kylie performs that Kylie charisma and it really shows on stage! With the 'best sounding' Kylie around, you can guarantee a night of dancing to Kylie's greatest hits throughout the 5 decades (yes!) she has graced us with music and all the glitz and glam of a true Kylie show. You and your guests will experience a high energy show, amazing sound, authentic and incredible replica costumes and excellent dance routines. The only Kylie tribute to have the amazing talents of the 'Minoguettes', highly trained professional dancers, singing live backing vocals and performing high energy dance routines. This adds extra sparkle to the stage for your very own Kylie concert!
From wow wow wow (we can't help ourselves!) wowing audiences at Prides, summer festivals, birthday parties and weddings to 'glittering up' clubs, hotels, holiday parks and corporate events with that Kylie sparkle, Kylie on Show have been busy with shows since they started this venture and just love to ensure audiences have the best time! Kylie fans themselves say 'I would recommend this to anyone the best Kylie Minogue tribute' and 'you'd think Kylie was actually in the room with you!'. (You can see more Kylie on Show reviews on our Google reviews below)
Even Kylie Minogue herself has liked, commented and even tweeted Kylie on Show social media posts!
Kylie on Show Clients include ElectroLove (Isle of Wight Festival), Longleat, Specsavers, Canterbury Pride, Glitterbomb, Best Western Hotels, Park Holidays, many Superfan Kylie fans and many more!
As for the incredible amount of hits that Kylie has had... Kylie on Show ensure On A Night Like This you'll be Dancing and Spinning Around, because it's Never Too Late to have a Kylie party. Hand on (our) Heart you will have a Celebration with a show Especially For You, All The Lovers! So Slow down and take a look at our 'Kylie classics' sample set list or for the Super fan, let the Magic begin and customise your Kylie concert with our customisable set lists.
Kylie Minogue has captivated the hearts of her fans through the 80s, 90s and 00s to present day! A fun filled night with plenty of dancing will be guaranteed! This will be a night of entertainment you won't forget!
This show is performed to backing tracks and has the option of two or four dancers, depending your budget and venue size.
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 Tel.. 07853223362

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