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Kylie Minogue Tribute

The Kylie sound, the Kylie look, the Kylie atmosphere.

Kylie on Show is the only Kylie Minogue tribute that will leave you feeling like you've been to see the goddess of pop herself!

Kylie On Show is the best sounding Kylie around and number one Kylie Minogue tribute choice for a Kylie fan. The only Kylie tribute to have the amazing talents of the original Minoguettes singing live backing vocals and performing high energy dance routines. This adds extra sparkle to the stage for your very own mini Kylie concert!

A fun and exciting show with all of her best hits, authentic costumes and the most up to date sound and lighting with Kylie and the Minoguettes singing live it's no wonder Kylie on Show is creating such a stir in the tribute world.


Performing up and down the country from private parties, corporate events to concerts and festivals.


Book to see Kylie and the Minoguettes at your event.

Show repertoire



Confide in me

Can’t get you out of my head
Come into my world

Better the devil you know
Love at first sight

Your Disco

All the lovers

Hand on your heart
Red blooded woman

I believe in you

On a night like this
Put yourself in my place
Two Hearts
In your eyes

Especially for you
Step back in time
I should be so lucky
What do I have to do
Get out of my way
Spinning around

The Locomotion


Kylie Minogue Tribute

Jade as Kylie


Kylie Minogue Tribute

The Minoguettes

Through December Kylie On Show will be performing
"A Kylie On Show Christmas"
All Kylie's hits plus her versions of Christmas favourites.

Tina Rating Review posted on Google+




Fantastic evening ! The atmosphere was amazing and everyone was really enjoying themselves. The Kylie team were all very professional and were really able to get the audience involved in the show. Kylie was brilliant and sounded exactly like the real thing. Would definitely go again !!

Ian Howes Rating Review posted on Google+



What a fantastic experience! The team have obviously taken their time "getting it right" before bringing Kylie to the party, and wow was the effort worth it?! Close your eyes and you'd think Kylie was actually in the room with you!

Simeon Rating Review posted on Google+




I cannot recommend "Kylie on Show" enough! "Kylie" and her Minoguettes were professional, friendly, and most of all - really good entertainers. They arrived on time, were flexible with the time of start, and truly delivered a great performance!

Tel.. 01797 320643

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